We are Amazonians


Introducing the WAAP

We Are Amazonians is a Global Sustainability Program (WAAP) developed in 2009 according to UN 17 SDG’s to promote the Amazon Rainforest Conservation, its biodiversity protection, the sustainable development of traditional local communities, CO2 emissions reduction according to international Climate, Community and Biodiversity standards and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Always putting people and planet first, and a successful track of social, environmental, climate and sustainable projects, WAAP became a world-class role model of sustainable development for the Amazon Rainofrest.

Aiming to help public and private organizations around the world with their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance projects, WAAP has now a life of its own and a bright future ahead, leaving its legacy to humanity and the planet.

Although independent, “WAAP” thrives with the support of purpose-driven individuals, organizations, foundations, sustainable investments and funds and accredited partners who help us fund and execute our projects with accountability and transparency.

In order to properly run WAAP with the transparency and accountability it needs to flourish, the Amazon Protection Foundation “APF” decided to embody and empower WAAP, by creating “AMAZON PROTECTION FOUNDATION GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM – WE ARE AMAZONIANS”.

AMAZON PROTECTION FOUNDATION IS a not-for-profit foundation certified by the US government as a 501(c)(3) and headed by an elite board of environmentalists, innovators and ambassadors.


We Are Amazonian Global Sustainability Program was born in the year of 2009 from a partnership between public and private organizations created by the founders of EBCF (Brazilian Rainofrest Conservation Company) to properly manage EBCF’s Private Reserves, called AMAZON RIO in order to execute its Sustainable Reserve Management Plan. , and to promote and implement its Sustainable Program, comprising to protect and develop.

AMAZON RIO is the largest Private Reserve for Sustainable Development ever created in the Amazon history. With an area of 50.000 acres of protected native rainforest and 3.000 families within 15 traditional local communities living there, Amazon Rio is located in Brazil, State of Amazonas, city of Manicore, at the Madeira river

Amazon Rio Reserve has a REDD+ CO2 emissions reduction project already implemented, certified and validated to offset approximately 2 million tons of CO2

Amazon’s Rio REDD+ projects is permanently under monitoring and verification process in order to verify its carbon credits. Its first vintage of 250.000 carbon credits were issued in 2017 by the 2 International Standards VCS and CCB (VERRA) and sold into the market.

A variety of projects for the monitoring and protection of its biodiversity, the sustainable development of its traditional communities and to promote CO2 emissions reduction,

All of it is done according to local environmental laws, to the international Climate, Community and Biodiversity standards, and to become an international instrument of change as a world-class role model for sustainable development.

The Program success brought opportunities that surmounted its original management capacity.

Designed in conformity and alignment with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, our WAA focuses on the implementation and monitoring of sustainable projects with the ultimate goal to protect the Amazon Rainforest, preserve its unique biodiversity, reduce CO2 emissions, and nurture the sustainable development of local communities.



WAAP embodies a variety of projects within its main 4 pillars, Environmental, Social, Climate and Sustainable investments

1.Environmental WAAP supports projects to promote the Amazonian Rainforest conservation and its biodiversity protection, such as:
• Satellite and ground Monitoring systems
• Fauna & Flora Inventory, monitor and protection
• River water quality monitor and protection
• Rare and extinction species Monitoring and protection

WAAP Environmental Pillar in compliance with UM 17 SDG’s:

WAAP supports sustainable growth and empowerment for traditional communities. We’re constantly improving the lives of local families through the implementation and management of social projects in the areas of health, education, woman empowerment, income generation, jobs creation, infra-structure, gender equality and social inclusion.
WAAP Social Pillar in compliance with UN 17 SDG Goals:

WAA supports the development and implementation of serious forest emissions reduction projects, based on REDD+ and related frameworks, under the VCS/CCB VERRA) and similar standards, successfully reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in the Rainforests as well as the tokenization of its carbon credits within the blockchain technology.
WAAP Social Pillar in compliance with UN 17 SDG Goals:

4.Sustainable Finance
WAAP supports eco-services, and businesses related activities that have positive impacts on the Environment and Society.

The main activities supported by WAAP are:

• Carbon Credits
• Sustainable Harvesting of Non-timber forest products.
• Supply and Custody chain and processing plants with and Fair Trade and organic certifications
• Blockchain & Technology Development: Digital inclusion, green digital securities, payment and utility tokens.
• CSR – Corporate Social Responsibilities
• ISR – Individual Social Responsibilities .
• Research & Development
• Eco-tourism:

WAAP Social Pillar in compliance with UN 17 SDG Goals:

All projects within WAAP frame are thoroughly studied, planned and executed with regards to both global Climate, Community & Biodiversity standards and national environmental laws, allowing us to foster a deeper connection between the local communities and their environment, serving as a worldwide role model for sustainable development.