We are Amazonians


We are Amazonians

Our Certification Seal

There are numerous certifications and standards offered in the marketplace. Amazonian Alliance’s ‘WE ARE AMAZONIANS’ certification, however, is unique among all others. It certifies the highest standards across four different dimensions: Social, Environmental, Climate, and Traceability/ Quality Control. The ‘WE ARE AMAZONIANS’ seal can displayed with pride and confidence on all products bearing ingredients sourced from its points of origin.

The ‘We Are Amazonians’ campaign, developed by EBCF – Empresa Brasileira de Conservação de Florestas (Brazilian Rainforest Conservation Company) and promoted by Amazonian Alliance, intends to reach a global audience through an inventive multi-stakeholder effort promotable and customizable by all Amazonian Alliance partners across various forms of media, including social media, events, and retail promotion.

All social, environmental and climate projects certified by our Seal are implemented within the unique and innovative Sustainable Reserve Platform established in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in the Amazonas State, Brazil, managed by EBCF – Brazilian Rainforest Conservation Company.

• All social projects related to health, education, income-generation, infrastructure, and sports are certified by both Amazonian Alliance and EBCF.

• All environmental projects implemented in the Amazonian Sustainable Reserve – including monitoring systems, fauna and flora inventories and species protection projects – are certified by both Amazonian Alliance and EBCF.

• The carbon credits from the carbon offsetting project are validated and verified by the Rainforest Alliance and certified by both VCS and CCB standards.

Traceability & Quality Control
• The communities and laboratories that provides us our raw material and ingredients are certified by Amazonian Alliance, EBCF, and its local partners. Our seal assures raw material and ingredient quality control and traceability direct from their point of origin.