The Opportunities

Enjoy Unique Opportunities & Benefits – For Your Customers, And Our Shared Future
“Do Good – Do Well – Be Well”



• Development of local eco-tourism with opportunities to implement an eco-resort inside the reserve Amazon Rio I
• Private property 100% legalized
• Intercommunication within all 15 local communities
• Diversity of activities for the eco-tourism (R&D center, supply chain, handcraft, visitation to the riverside and Indians communities, trails, excursions tours)

By partnering with the EBCF to support the first sustainable reserve in the heart of the Amazon, our partners are able to unlock new opportunities and enjoy unique benefits – economic, environmental, social, even spiritual.

EBCF partners are granted license to advance non-timber related products and services, such as the sourcing of rare and revitalizing plant extracts that may be used as ingredients for haircare, beauty, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food and beverage products.

As a result, the natural environment that sustains us all becomes more resilient, and Amazonian communities are made stronger. Everyone benefits. The local communities, and above all, your customers who enjoy the unique properties of the products that you ethically source, creatively nurture, and responsibly develop.

By joining with us, and being part of the first private reserve for sustainable development in Amazon rainforest history, our partners enjoy the following benefits:

  • A UNIQUE opportunity for companies, organizations, and individuals to participate in the Amazon Rainforest Conservation and its Biodiversity Protection;
  • A working operational platform within a legal framework for category-exclusive licensing rights related to supply chain procurement, as well as branding and communication;
  • Added value creation for businesses, brands, and products.
  • Use of EBCF Certifications & Seal (environmental, social, climate, economic and R&D certifications), and “We Are Amazonians” branding campaign

Sourcing Ingredients

• Implementation and management of supply chains of Amazonian non-timber forest products and ingredients.
• Tracking of each supplier, raw product or ingredient bought or sold by the Alliance, assuring sustainable harvesting, quality, quantity, pricing, and fair labor practices.
• Production of local formulations benefitting from the Manaus Tax-Free Zone
• Research & Development in partnership with local institutions and organizations

Carbon Offsetting

• 3 million tons of CO2 over the course of the next 20 years
• VCS + CCB Certification


• Use of the “We Are Amazonians” campaign and ‘EBCF” brand for a period of 5 years, with ability to renew for an additional 5 years.
• Added marketing value by engaging consumers in the story behind the specific product ingredients and Amazonian communities we help support

Sustainability Certifications & Transparency

• Forest conservation & biodiversity protection of 35,000 acres that comprise the Sinerga Amazonian Sustainable Reserve.
• Complete inventories of all flora and fauna (list of all species – rares, natives, and extinction)
• Monitoring (Forest Satellite Images)

• Annual reports highlighting the sustainable development and social projects benefiting 15 local communities related to health, education, infrastructure, and income generation

• Monitoring System for CO2 emissions reduction

Traceability & Quality Control
• Traceability, origin and quality of raw materials and supply chain ingredients