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Sinerga is a leading Italian cosmetic laboratory that offers a full range of solutions for the research & development, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of cosmetics, demo-pharmaceutical, medical devices, and active make-up products. Through its range of capabilities, Sinerga is able to not only conduct clinical studies and refine rainforest extracts, but to also market these ingredients globally.

Through its partnership with EBCF, the company has established the ‘Sinerga Sustainable Reserve’ and will acquire and process non-timber exotic Amazonian ingredients sourced from the Amazon Rio I Sustainable Reserve and it’s certified associates. Its products will be certified with ‘WE ARE AMAZONIANS” seal, ensuring the highest standards of social, environmental, climate, traceability, and quality control. Moreover, Sinerga has committed to reinvest a portion of all profits generated by EBCF derived ingredients into clean water projects and health services to benefit local forest communities.

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