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The Amazon, the World, and Planet Organic

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest and most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforest on earth. It represents half of the planet’s remaining rainforest and is home to half of all our plant and animal species – many of these unique to the Amazon. The diverse ecosystem contains priceless and essential resources for human existence and longevity and is a vital world treasure that must be protected and proactively sustained.

The Amazon Rainforest produces approximately 20% of the earth’s oxygen while absorbing millions of tons of CO2 emissions created from worldwide industrialization, transportation, and energy needs to support an ever-growing global population. The Amazon also helps regulates our rainfall and the fragile balance of our biosphere. Yet alarmingly, one-tenth of all trees in the Amazon has been logged in our lifetime, contributing to climate change and a warming planet.


Planet Organic, Westbourne Grove, London W2. 28th February 2006.

About Planet Organic

When Planet Organic opened its doors in 1995, it was Renée Elliott’s dream to offer the best and widest range of organic foods available, and her mission to promote health in the community and to bring a sense of discovery and adventure into food shopping.


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About Us

A one-stop shop full of all the right choices, Planet Organic is a health food haven with organic fruit & vegetables, organic bread from artisan London bakeries, only organic meat and sustainable fish from British waters.  Our over-flowing groceries range is full of gluten-free, dairy-free, raw food and healthy options, while our Health & Bodycare department stocks the best natural beauty brands and a wide range of high-quality health supplements.

When we opened our doors in 1995, it was Renée Elliott’s dream to offer the best and widest range of organic foods available, and her mission to promote health in the community and to bring a sense of discovery and adventure into food shopping.  As most food production becomes increasingly industrialized, we want to bring back a sense of food that you can trust.

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What We Believe

Our simple truth is that foods should be natural and wholesome. We advocate that food be authentic and ethical, freshly prepared and tasty – not a mere convenience.  We believe in ethical and sustainable farming and place great emphasis on the provenance of all our products.

We know that people who are discerning about what they eat want to make informed and responsible choices. Like us you believe that food wasn’t meant to be meddled with or tainted with chemicals. So we say no to artificial additives, hydrogenated fats, highly processed foods, and of course GM. Instead at Planet Organic, you’ll find nutritious, seasonal and organic food with the goodness intact. You’ll find wide ranges of natural health foods suitable for all specialty diets, as well as a ground-breaking raw foods range.

We hope that you find inspiration, excitement and good health from the food you eat and learn, like us, that to eat well is to live better.
Check this video where Renee Elliott (Planet Organic founder) talks about her personal values and the importance of doing something that matters in life

Through its unique and exclusive partnership, Planet Organic has joined EBCF and Amazonian Alliance for the efforts to promote our Global Sustainability Program called WE ARE AMAZONIANS, thus ensuring:

  • Amazon Rainforest Conservation;
  • Biodiversity Protection;
  • Sustainable Development of Local Villages;
  • CO2 Emissions Reduction.


The “We are Amazonians” global sustainability program, set up within the EBCF rainforest reserves, lines up with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.



 The most important premisses for the partnership are:


1. Implementation of

2. Conservation of 35.000 (thirty-five thousand) acres in the FIRST SUSTAINABLE RESERVE EVER CREATED IN THE AMAZON RAINFOREST HISTORY, called “AMAZON RIO I”, located in the Municipality of Manicoré, State of Amazonas, Brazil. (100 million trees protected);

3. Biodiversity protection in an area that is home to over 500 rare species, including native flora and fauna endangered facing extinction;

4. Protection of surrounding waterways and rivers of enormous relevance to our planet;

5. Support for the sustainable development of 15 riverside communities, benefiting over 3000 people with implementation of social projects in the areas of education, health, income-generation, and infrastructure;

6. Reduction of 3 million tons of CO2;

7. Creation and management of 10 million acres of NEW PROTECTED SUSTAINABLE RESERVES in the Amazon Rainforest to support and benefit 30.000 local people and reduce approximately 50 million tons of CO2;

8.Sustainable Harvesting of Non-Timber forest products, raw materials, and ingredients for the cosmetic, food, beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries;

9. Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR”.

The Maps of the Reserve and Villages

The Local Communities

Resident populations in the Amazon Rio I reserve are known as caboclas and are divided into fifteen communities: Urucury, Água Azul, Vista Alegre, Boa Esperança, Santa Eva, Santa Maria, Pandegal, Democracia, Jatuarana, Terra Preta do Ramal, Kamayuá, São José do Miriti, São João, Ponta Grossa, Terra Preta do Rio Manicoré and Mocambo.

Our Social Projects

With the support of Yerbalatina and every member of “We Are Amazonians” we are able to continue our work on existing and future projects. Check out the ones we’re working on now:

Living Water

PWe, bring pure, drinking water to all of the communities that still depend on the Amazon river and its tributaries for all of their sustenance. Through this project, we improve the living standards for everyone in the communities as well as help to reduce the spread of a range of diseases.

Medical Assistance in the Amazon

We enable and equip local community members to go out and conduct screenings and basic health check-ups in the most distant communities and with the most hard-to-reach peoples. This helps to establish family care and accountability and increases the likelihood of identifying health issues earlier – as locals are much less likely to go far out of their way to get screened without any symptoms.


Empowering Women

We cultivate empowering women, as the family core, in 4 stages:
1 IIdentify the individual potential of each mother
2 Promote self-awareness
3 Empowerment
4 Creating Income


Income Generation

– Cosmetics
– Food
– Beverage




Become a Member

Join Yerbalatina in the “We Are Amazonian” project and became a member of this community.


Upon becoming a member, you will receive GPS coordinates and become part of the overall mosaic membership group within the rainforest reserve.



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