Amazon Roots Sustainable Reserve

Amazon Roots Sustainable Reserve


The Amazon, feeding the World

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest and most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforest on earth. It represents half of the planet’s remaining rainforest and is home to half of all our plant and animal species – many of these unique to the Amazon. The diverse ecosystem contains priceless and essential resources for human existence and longevity and is a vital world treasure that must be protected and proactively sustained.

The Amazon Rainforest produces approximately 20% of the earth’s oxygen while absorbing millions of tons of CO2 emissions created from worldwide industrialization, transportation, and energy needs to support an ever-growing global population. The Amazon also helps regulates our rainfall and the fragile balance of our biosphere. Yet alarmingly, one-tenth of all trees in the Amazon has been logged in our lifetime, contributing to climate change and a warming planet.



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About Partnership with EBCF and Amazonian Alliance

The Brazilian Enterprise for the Conservation of Forests (EBCF)text

provides natural, rainforest derived ingredients from plants, leaves, fruits, and bark harvested by hand, in their natural habitat. EBCF owns 50,000 acres of Amazonian forest that they refused to timber. Instead, they opted to preserve the land and create a program through which local families could benefit.

Through Amazon Roots and Amazonian Alliance, impactful social programs are being implemented to improve the living conditions and raise the standard of basic health for the families and children in the local communities.

Our Client Companies are invited to adopt and embrace a humanitarian and environmental protection cause that will create public trust while providing the very best, ethically sourced ingredients available.


By the support and partnership of Amazon Roots, an entire village of approximately 400 people was benefited with the implementation of the program called “LIVING WATER”.
The Living Water program, developed and managed by EBCF, aims to bring access to purified and clean water to each and every house in all the 15 Villages of the Reserve.
It also aims to avoid local families to drink polluted water causing serious diseases, in some cases even leading to the death of the children.

EBCF, Amazonian Alliance, and the Jatuarana village are thankful for the support of Amazon Roots and are very proud and honored to be part of WE ARE AMAZONIANS Global Sustainability Program.

Through its unique and exclusive partnership, Amazon Roots has joined EBCF and Amazonian Alliance for the efforts to promote our Global Sustainability Program called

WE ARE AMAZONIANS, thus ensuring:

  • Amazon Rainforest Conservation;
  • Biodiversity Protection;
  • Sustainable Development of Local Villages;
  • CO2 Emissions Reduction.


The “We are Amazonians” global sustainability program, set up within the EBCF rainforest reserves, lines up with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.



The Amazonian Expedition


The Maps of the Reserve and Villages


The Local Communities

Resident populations in the Amazon Rio I reserve are known as caboclas and are divided into fifteen communities: Urucury, Água Azul, Vista Alegre, Boa Esperança, Santa Eva, Santa Maria, Pandegal, Democracia, Jatuarana, Terra Preta do Ramal, Kamayuá, São José do Miriti, São João, Ponta Grossa, Terra Preta do Rio Manicoré and Mocambo.


Our Social Projects

With the support of Amazon Roots and every member of “We Are Amazonians” we are able to continue our work on existing and future projects. Check out the ones we’re working on now:

Living Water

We bring pure, drinking water to all of the communities that still depend on the Amazon river and its tributaries for all of their sustenance. Through this project, we improve the living standards for everyone in the communities as well as help to reduce the spread of a range of diseases.


Medical Assistance in the Amazon

We enable and equip local community members to go out and conduct screenings and basic health check-ups in the most distant communities and with the most hard-to-reach peoples. This helps to establish family care and accountability and increases the likelihood of identifying health issues earlier – as locals are much less likely to go far out of their way to get screened without any symptoms.



Empowering Women

We cultivate empowering women, as the family core, in 4 stages:
1 Identify the individual potential of each mother
2 Promote self-awareness
3 Empowerment
4 Creating Income



Income Generation, Back to Communities

– Cosmetics
– Food
– Beverage

Infrastructure Benefits



Become a Member

Join Amazon Roots Reserve in the “We Are Amazonians” project and became a member of this community.


Upon becoming a member, you will receive GPS coordinates and become part of the overall mosaic membership group within the rainforest reserve.