About EBCF

About EBCF

Introducing the EBCF

EBCF – EMPRESA BRASILEIRA DE CONSERVAÇÃO DE FLORESTAS (the Brazilian Rainforest Conservation Company), is an organisation with decades of history protecting the rainforest and the local communities that call it home.

Our sole purpose is to fight deforestation, poverty, and climate change through the careful stewardship of our own Sustainable Private Reserve – AMAZON RIO.

AMAZON RIO is the largest Private Reserve for Sustainable Development ever created in Amazon history. With a thoroughly monitored and protected area of 50.000 acres of native rainforest and 3.000 families living within 15 traditional local communities, AMAZON RIO is in the State of Amazonas, Brazil, close to the city of Manicoré, on the banks of the Madeira river.

The Reserve has a certified REDD+ CO2 emissions reduction project already implemented, validated, and verified by global standards for forest conservation to offset approximately 2.5 million tons of CO2.

AMAZON RIO’s REDD+ project is permanently undergoing monitoring and verification processes to issue its carbon credits. Its first vintage of 250.000 carbon credits was issued in 2017 by the leading International Standards VCS and CCB/VERRA. The next vintage of 250.000 carbon credits will be issued in 2022.

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our mission is to promote the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest, through Eco-Services and Related Activities, ensuring:

  • (i) Creation of Sustainable Protected Reserves and Conservation Units;
  • (ii) Amazon Rainforest conservation;
  • (iii) Biodiversity protection (fauna, flora, rivers);
  • (iv) Sustainable development of traditional local communities;
  • (v) Offsetting CO2 emissions.



– Promoting the conservation of a mosaic of Amazonian Sustainable Reserves
– 50.000 Acres already transformed into protected sustainable reserves
– 2 million acres on our pipeline to create new protected reserves
– Forestry satellite monitoring
– Fauna and flora inventories (species protection)

– Promoting sustainable development of the local-traditional communities
– Supporting the livelihood of 3.000 families with social projects in the areas of health, education, woman empowerment, income generation and infrastructure.

– Offsetting CO2 emissions on sustainable reserves
– International standards, validation and verification of carbon credits projects
– 3 million tons of CO2 offsets already validated and certified

“Transform natural resources of the Amazon rainforest into income and conservation, according to principles of social and environmental sustainability”
– Sustainable harvesting of Amazonian non-timber forest products
– Carbon Offsetting
– Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR”
– Individual Social Responsibility “ISR”
– Scientific research & technology innovation
– Eco-tourism


The Amazon Rainforest is the largest and most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforest on earth. It represents half of the planet’s remaining rainforest, and is home to half of all our plant and animal species – many of these unique to the Amazon. The diverse ecosystem contains priceless and essential resources for human existence and longevity, and is a vital world treasure that must be protected and proactively sustained.

The Amazon Rainforest produces approximately 20% of the earth’s oxygen while absorbing millions of tons of CO2 emissions created from worldwide industrialization, transportation, and energy needs to support an ever-growing global population. The Amazon also helps to regulate our rainfall and the fragile balance of our biosphere. Yet alarmingly, one-tenth of all trees in the Amazon have been logged in our lifetime, contributing to climate change and a warming planet.

Now, through the work of EBCF, there is hope that the Amazon can be protected, supporting its local communities, and benefitting from the fruits of its environment, without felling a single tree.



  • KPGM – Sustainable Reserve Management Plan