About Amazonian Alliance

About Amazonian Alliance

Introducing the Amazonian Alliance Sustainable Reserve

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest and most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforest on earth. It represents half of the planet’s remaining rainforest, and is home to half of all our plant and animal species – many of these unique to the Amazon. The diverse ecosystem contains priceless and essential resources for human existence and longevity, and is a vital world treasure that must be protected and proactively sustained.

The Amazon Rainforest produces approximately 20% of the earth’s oxygen while absorbing millions of tons of CO2 emissions created from worldwide industrialization, transportation, and energy needs to support an ever-growing global population. The Amazon also help regulates our rainfall and the fragile balance of our biosphere. Yet alarmingly, one-tenth of all trees in the Amazon have been logged in our lifetime, contributing to climate change and a warming planet.

Now, in a unique arrangement with the Brazilian government and EBCF (Brazilian Rainforest Conservation Company), The Amazonian Alliance is able to help protect the Amazon, support its local communities, and benefit from the fruits of its environment, without felling a single tree.

Amazonian Alliance is a private corporation, based in Miami-FL, committed to the conservation, protection and well-being of Amazon Rainforest communities by supporting the sustainable harvesting of timber-free forest products, raw materials, and ingredients as well as the advancement of sustainable forestry and environmental eco-services.

The Alliance focuses on obtaining funding and creating strategic partnerships worldwide for the specific advancement of:

  • Sustainable harvesting of Timber-free forest products;
  • CO2 Offsetting
  • Education & Research
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Sustainable Reserve Licensing Rights

Amazonian Alliance and EBCF – Empresa Brasileira de Conservação de Florestas (Brazilian Rainforest Conservation Company), have formed a close operational partnership to promote Amazon Rainforest Conservation, Biodiversity Protection, Sustainable Development of local communities and reduce CO2 emissions within EBCF’s Sustainable Reserves located in the Amazonas State, Brazil.

Amazonian Alliance is a organization based in the U.S., with offices in Miami, Florida and San Francisco.


  • Leonardo Barrionuevo – CEO
  • Robin Raj – Executive Creative Director
  • Francisco Ruiz – Administrative/Finance Director
  • Valdenor Junior – Forest Project Director
  • Joao Tezza – Project Manager
  • Alex Cripchuck – Cosmetics Product Development
  • Fernando Barrionuevo – Legal Department
  • Diego Martins – Marketing Director
  • Joshua Rice – Business Development
  • HDOM – REDD+ Specialist


  • KPGM – Sustainable Reserve Management Plan


  • Leonardo Barrionuevo – EBCF
  • Robin Raj – Citizen Group
  • Alex Cripchuck – Paklab
  • Alessandro Fontana – Sinerga
  • Joao Tezza – Original Trade
  • Ian Person
  • Tim Webb